Church Planting

Christ Gospel Ministries

Equipping, Enabling and Establishing the church in Sound Doctrine

Because of CGM’s distinctive strategy of exclusive building partnerships with church planters and evangelists within India.each dollar donated to CGM has a potential impact that is exponentially greater than budgets which focus only on sendingpeople from here to there (wherever there may be ),because the living expenses of indigenous missionaries are significantly less than their foreign counterparts.

A recent report indicates that it costs an average of well over $10,000 per month to support a missionary family from north America to serve overseas.”Sometimes that family units is a married couple, and both spouses may be involved in it may br constructed that it costs about $5,000 per adult missionary.(However, it should be noted that if a missionary family includes children then often much of one parent’s time is taken away from cross-cultural outreach and is devoted to raising those children)

By contrast,full sponsorship of an indigenous church planter through CGM requires just $100 per month.An investment equal to what it typically costs to keep onw US missionary overseas would propel atleast 100 trained and qualified national missionaries to serve inside their own country!

Supporting indigenous church palnters makes both short-term and long-terms sense.

It's an investment which reaps eternal dividends

And because the indigenous missionary already knows the local language understands the culture. and has significant relationships within the community a CGM sponsorship is tremendously time effectively as well as cost effective

Your patnership empowers a qualified church planter with income, opportunity for on-going training and emergency medical expenses

Your support allows the pastors to focus on the crucial tasks of evangelism and discipleship until his church matures to the point of being able to independently support him

The Cost of Church planting is $100 per month per pastor

Your Prayers and financial support allow a national pastor to fully engage with church planting verses holding down two jobs at the same time, keeping him focused and fully engaged in his local community Gifts of $25 per month are combined with others making a total salary for a national Pastor.Any amount given monthly will help palnt a church

Partner with in planting and sending indigenious church planters

To Equip and empower these evanglists for spreading the Gospel of Christ effectively. CGM Focuses on training in boh theological and practical aspects of missionary work