Our History

Christ Gospel Ministries, Inc., with U.S. office in Atlanta, Georgia  was formed in 2019 for the purposes of growing indigenous missions in India by supporting church planting and developing leaders; orphan care; educational and self-employment training for widows and poor girls; and disaster relief. We serve as the fiscal sponsor for Christ Gospel Church Ministries (India) and facilitate pastor training programs with the goal of training 1000+ village pastors each year and planting churches.

The original ministry was started in 2002 by Pastor Vijay Raju, who was born into a poor family. His parents lived in such poverty that they were unable to take care of him. A Hindu family member adopted Vijay when he was 6 months old.

Vijay led a life of an Orthodox Hindu and his previous name was Venkatesh (named after a Hindu god).  Vijay was given a good education and learned many languages. His adopted father was in the army and Vijay travelled with the family across India and studied in different schools.

At the age of 16, Vijay’s adopted mother died from a heart-attack and his adopted father remarried. Remaining with him was not an option so Vijay had to go back to his biological parents.  This was a turning point in his life because they were still living in poverty in a thatched shed, and they were Christians.

Since he was raise as a Hindu, Vijay was rebellious to his parents and their Christian faith.  One Easter Sunday, however, Vijay attended church at his mother’s request, and he heard the gospel for the first time in his life. On 30th September, 2000, at the age of 19, he believed the gospel while reading the Scriptures and accepted Christ as his personal Saviour.  He dedicated himself to the Lord’s ministry of reaching the lost.

Vijay has personally planted 12 churches and started Christ Gospel Church Ministries in India.  During the 20 years, the ministry has trained thousands of pastors. The desire of Vijay and his team is to go to unreached villages to plant churches and train leaders.  They are inviting fellow Christians to be a part of this movement. Vijay had degrees in M.A English from Andhra University, L.LB ( Law degree from Andhra University ) Masters in Theology from MINTS and and Honorary Doctorate from Anglican Seminary.

Vijay is married to Swarupa and they are blessed with two children, Henry and Blessy.

Rev.Dr.G.Vijay Raju also serves as an Arch Bishop for Anglican Church of India and Council of Reformed Churches of India.