Pastoral Care

Equip, Establish and Entrust Pastors and Leaders with Sound Training

An India pastor friend that past away several years ago used to tell us “If we only give the people shoes and food, they will still die with a full belly and dry feet;  but they will die without Jesus.  But if we give them the hope of Jesus, we have given them something eternal.”  At CGM , we believe The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be both demonstrated through our actions, and shared verbally, not just one or the other.


We believe working through the local church is the most effective way to accomplish this. We help train, equip, and encourage local pastors and leaders, so that they can be good shepherds, solid teachers of Scripture, and Godly examples of how to live for Christ in India.

We focus on relationships & discipleship.  We meet the pastors where they are, and offer help where they feel it is needed.  For some, it is working on bettering their literacy skills so that they can study and understand their Bible better.  For others it is providing courses on scriptural topics or leadership training.

Pastors in India rarely have the same opportunities afforded to pastors or seminary students in the U.S.  Sometimes pastors are called ‘bi-vocational’ when people learn that they earn a living by tending a garden, or driving a tap-tap.

But we have a hard time with this terminology because that implies they earn a wage by pastoring the church, and almost none receive a wage from their church – they do it only because the Lord has called them to this position.

We just want to enable these men to fulfil the work God has called them to – ministering to hurting peoplemaking disciples of their congregations, spreading The Gospel of Christ, and planting new churches in unreached and under-reached areas.

CGM Operates through Regional Training Centers under the leadership of Bishops and Presbyters. CGM offers Certificate in Theology ( C.Th ) through Council of Reformed Churches of India designed for young missionaries, Pastors, Christian leaders, and church youth who do not have access to or cannot afford expensive seminary training, but are committed and interested in the ministry.

The purpose of these trainings is to fulfil the great commission of our Lord Jesus by providing them with the highest spiritual and academic excellence, practical ministry opportunities which will bring spiritual, physical, psychological, and social changes in the broken human society. Our desire is to be a channel of God’s blessings to all people.

To Equip: This training is designed to equip men and women to serve the Lord in various capacities in several areas of the Christian ministry; and to develop leaders for the church by providing the highest academic knowledge in the word of God and in practical ministry.

To Inspire: This training stimulates believers to respond to the call of God and to install vision and passion for the unreached world to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the nations of 10/40 Window.

To Prepare: men and women to have an informed appreciation of socio economic issues, religious-political issues, and human cultural heritage around us, and to become responsible citizens who make positive contributions to the society.

To Provide: the best and inexpensive theological education possible in the context where education has become expensive and out of reach for the poor.

To Create: a place for a deep study of the Word of God, teach sound doctrine through the meaningful interpretation of the Scriptures, in a manner that is consistent with the apostolic teaching, which can bring spiritual growth and transformation in life.

Regional Training centres are mission oriented and was established in every Districts of India ( at Present active in Andhra Pradesh / Telangana / Odisha  to train Godly, faithful, and God-glorifying leaders for the church at large.

At present the trainings are open to Telugu / Odisha speaking students from Andhra Pradesh and Odisha

Our Training Centers